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TM3 Therapeutics has the capability to support your DNA purification, Sequencing, cloning and protein production needs. We Strive to deliver quality, products and services at unbeatable prices. We do take pride in our scrupulous efficiency and attention to detail.

DNA Purification Services.

We perform the routine DNA preparation work whether it is a mini prep to Giga prep of your plasmids, or transformed plates so that you can focus on your science. TM3's plamid preps are prepared endotoxin-free suitable for in vivo and in-vitro studies.

DNA Sequencing Services.

TM3 Therapeutics provides DNA sequencing services and Rolling Circle Amplification (RCA) to San Francisco Bay Area. We promise quality service, fast delivery, and the lowest cost alternative to other sequencing service providers.

TM3's sequencing service includes free pick up service to the entire Bay Area, Fast turn around within 24 hours, and excellent customer service at unbeatable prices.

Custom Cloning and Protein Production Services.
TM3 Therapeutics provides custom plasmid construction/cloning service. You provides us with a plasmid containing your  gene/protein of interest, and we do the rest from cloning to protein expression and purification..

1. Plasmid Construction Service for single step construction                        $695/construct                                                                                                                         ($200/each add step)

2. Protein Expression Service using E.Coli (5mg Purified Protein)                           $1950

From In Vitro assay development to comprehensive immunology research services TM3 has the talented staff, the experience, and the facility to support your research needs. Our services are designed to streamline your routine laboratory needs, enabling you to focus on other things. Our efficient turnaround time, and quality coupled with affordability, would be a win-win situation for your R&D.

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