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At TM3, we believe in total customer care! From concept to pre-clinical development and testing, our facility and expertise has all your needs under one roof. Our facility is a USDA certified BSL-2 laboratory. Our expertise in virology working with human respiratory viruses, retroviruses, adeno associated viruses, and several animal health related viruses, will be an asset to your fledging R&D efforts.

From writing SOPs, to developing complex vaccine development strategies, our consulting services are at your finger tips. To synergize your vaccine R&D efforts, we have a state-of-the-art GLP laboratory for measuring vaccine efficacy.

Our total package service capabilities include a clinical chemistry analyzer for a complete blood chemistry analysis service, real-time PCR service, a FACS machine for cellular profile analysis, extensive immunology service, as well as fluorescent microscopy. In addition, our highly experienced staff will collaborate with you to develop effective potency assays for your vaccine.

As basic science researchers, we have developed methods to optimize the number of assays that can be performed from very small samples (such as mice plasma)-a comprehensive Pre-clinical analysis services is available to assist you in your R&D efforts.

To complement the in vitro R&D efforts, TM3 has access to a renowned pre-clinical in vivo testing facility in the East Bay, as well as collaborations at several renowned academic institutions. Our strong collaborations with some of the most talented researchers in the world in academia, industry, and government agencies will be an asset as you develop your R&D platform.

Please Contact Us about our services. Our motto is why out-source to India and China and have to worry about your IP, when TM3 can offer you the best pricing in the U.S. and U.S. standards.